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We live our lives in the middle of a story. 
None of us is the beginning and none will be the end. 


-Rachel Elizabeth Harding-

 Welcome to the new midlife!  Midlife in Black. 

We are not living like our parents' generation. There is no roadmap for women like us.  

Midlife, in my opinion, is life's dessert; akin to the sweet course eaten at the end of life's meal.  Over the past decade, our generation, those 50 and over, are changing the way we age, and the way aging is viewed.  

I  love stories and storytelling, I'm especially fascinated by true-life stories.  Documentaries, biographies, and memoirs are my favorite genres.  When I turned 50, I embarked on a journey to explore and create a new life for myself in what is called, "midlife".  I sought out and interviewed women over 50 who were on the same journey and were willing to share their wisdom on life and love.   

I found them everywhere... These women who were often invisible to the world were everywhere: on social media, in our favorite films and TV shows,  some acquaintances, and others came via recommendation. Even our forever FLOTUS is on her midlife journey.  

My goal?  To find women I could relate to and create a sacred space for conversations with others experiencing midlife--fellow travelers--people with whom they feel comfortable sharing, sometimes deeply personal, yet universal aspects of their journey.

Below are some of my favorite interviews. I was, and am continually awed by their openness and how the sheer beauty of an 'ordinary' story from an 'ordinary' people becomes extraordinary and transformative for all. I invite you to 'listen' in. Hopefully, you’ll discover something within their stories that affirms and informs your life.  I did.  

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