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N'tozake is for

  • Women and Girls ages 

  • Lives in Atlanta,

  • Not particularly athletic 

  • Wants to get fit while having fun?

Midlife in Black Fitness* is for you.

We are a group of women who explore different forms of movement:  

 jumping rope, walking, hiking, skating, Double Dutch, hula hooping, playing hopscotch, dancing, water aerobics, horseback riding, running, etc.  

Our goal?  Getting fit, meeting like-minded women, and having fun.


Join the movement. Come out and play!

All levels and body types are welcome!

*This is NOT for those interested in training for a triathlon, marathon, or competitive sport! 


Rites of Passage



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Who Are We

A comprehensive mentoring program for African American girls ages 9-18

N'tozake is a comprehensive mentoring and Rites of Passage organization focusing on personal development. Our programs holistically serve young women between ages 8 and 14 and their families.  N'tozake, which means 'she who comes with her own things," is committed to edifying and teaching them valuable life skills, leadership, teamwork, sisterhood,  responsibility, integrity, respect, accountability, and kindness as they transition from adolescence to adulthood.  During their time in the organization, the young men move through four stages of ________and are grouped according to their age

An essential component is that each girl  by an adult significant woman in their life: mother, grandmother, aunt, or older friend.   

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