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Are you Ready to Transform Midlife and Become Your Healthiest, Most Radiant Self?​

  • Create extraordinary wellness, beauty, confidence
    and joy

  • Experience more balance, ease, and flow

  • Go from overwhelmed and tired to energized
    and inspired

  • Reimagine what’s possible and make your next decade even better than the last!

In other words, are you ready to age powerfully and make these years your most vibrant, successful and exciting ones yet?


What defines a __________________Woman?

She = a healthy body, a sound mind, and a tranquil spirit

In the beginning, was the Word, and the Word was God, and the Word was with God. 

Genesis 1:1. John 1:1

We have been doing what other people are doing - or telling us to do - for so long that we are, most of us, afraid to let God take over. Afraid to do what God says.

I think it’s high time we can admit that. It is scary to be obedient to Spirit. To tap in and Hear and Know and Obey. In fact, it can be frankly weird and unnerving. But it is worth it. That’s all I’m saying; that for whatever nerves and pains and pangs it costs you, it is worth it to listen for God as it speaks. And then do as it says.

She is within you. My mission is to help you discover her.



God just kept talking to me and I just kept doing what God said." Jasai 

Greetings! I'm Hakikah

One day I decided to surrender my life to God and follow God's lead to becoming a whole, healed woman.  I had to surrender my past, my story, my hurts, and my successes. Stuck in a bit of a rut  I wanted to become unrecognizable to myself.  I had a vision of the woman that was living within me. My actual role model was my own mother, an amazing woman who at  60, after raising 6 children, married and retired from a nursing administrator,  graduated from college, learned to drive and play piano, and traveled. She lived to be 97, well respected, and happy with her life and her choices.  What a legacy!

People like to use the phrase, "They took control of their health and life."  To a certain extent, I did too.  My methodology was through surrender.  I prayed, asking God, that whatever was within me, let it take root, grow and bloom.  It was, and is, my responsibility to water, nourish and maintain it. 


That's not easy, transformation, reinvention, whatever you want to call it, especially in midlife, is not easy.  It takes courage and a belief in yourself that you don't even know you have.


I know what it truly takes to change. I also know what it feels like when life takes an unexpected turn that forces us to reassess our priorities and reimagine the future. I think you do too.


Even being over 60 and unsure if there was any use for me, I vowed to make the most of my time whether it was another year or another  50.

By the time we reach midlife, most of us have faced some choices and challenges that have thrown our lives out of balance – a divorce, caring for an aging parent, an empty nest, a job change, a health crisis, or simply a general sense of dissatisfaction or anxiety. On top of that, hormonal changes throw our bodies out of balance.

It’s a ‘perfect storm’ that completely upends our sense of identity and security. Most women feel powerless, convinced that ‘this is what happens as you get older’ and ‘it’s all downhill from here’.

Well, I’m here to tell you that could NOT be farther from the truth. With the right attitude, information, and strategies, each and every woman can navigate these times of transition, boldly recreate herself and live out her ideal future.  

I’ll show you exactly how to do it! You already have everything you need.


Here's how we can work together

One on One Coaching

My unique blend of health and life coaching will empower you to step into a powerful, hormone-healthy lifestyle, and, best of all, you’ll walk away with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to maintain your healthy habits and momentum for life. 



Spiritual Direction for Melanated/Black Women

One-on-One Spiritual Direction 

People from all along the faith/doubt spectrum and at all writing stages are welcome to meet with me for one-on-one spiritual direction. All Spiritual Direction for _________ sessions are tailored to each individual client.

We meet with clients online or in person. Each session lasts 50 minutes.  usually meet with women over 50, but I am happy to meet with anyone who feel called to work together. spiritual direction.

Learn more about what happens in these sessions here.

Please email Charlotte at to schedule an introductory call and make sure it’s a good fit.


Rites: Retreats

“These retreats are alchemy, a blend of listening and speaking, giving and taking.  It's a dance with spirit. a portal to your highest self. 

Spring has sprung, which means we are entering the natural season of bloom.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be in closer contact with the parts of you that know exactly what to do; how to be and how to move? Deep diving into 24 hours of complete Noble Silence can put you in touch with the part of you that Knows, beyond what your eyes can see and your hands can hold.

This unique and exploratory experience allows you the rare opportunity to sit with this too often elusive Knowing so that you can become familiar with its texture, tone, and innumerable benefits.

Click the link in our bio and head over to Alaiyo’s events page for more information and to purchase your ticket today. We look forward to being in practice with you.

In this powerful program, my unique blend of health and life coaching will help you to press the reset button, clarify your goals, and move confidently toward the body AND life you dream of. 

I’ll walk you through a process that will allow you to reframe aging and reimagine what’s possible.


What would your life be like if you truly believed You are the answer?

Aging Powerfully means:

  • Taking control of your health and wellbeing

  • Treating your body with love and respect

  • Choosing quality over quantity in all areas

  • Prioritizing peace and pleasure

  • Releasing the things that no longer serve you

  • Igniting your passion and purpose

  • Assuming the role of ‘main character’ in your story, and

  • Living a life of your own design



Free Guide

S.h.e. Is: 7 Keys toward Your Whole Self

Ready to Age Powerfully and Make the Next Chapter Your Best One Yet?

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In addition, each week you’ll receive healthy living tips, mindset strategies, recipes and inspiration to help you step boldly into the future and make your next chapter even better than the last!

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