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Integrative  Spirituality Guide

M. Hakikah 'Ki' Shamsideen has over 30 years of experience and wisdom in the spiritual and healing arts.  

Her work is a blend of ancient knowledge and everyday common sense.  
Her mission: holistically support people wherever they may be along their journey. to help transition into retirement or your next life chapter, in good health--spirit, mind, and body

I am a Scorpio sun and moon, Virgo rising.  I am a proud introvert. I am a bibliophile--reading a book a week. I am a devotee of Parliament-Funkadelic, I love cooking, reading, and sitting on porches or under trees.  I am learning how to refurbish furniture.  One of my great joys has been researching my ancestral line.  It's a wonderful mystery, 


I offer teachings, mentoring and personal guidance that all have their basis in ancient wisdom


I’m glad you found your way here. 

You're invited to enjoy a simple, accessible path to self-love and care.


Begin to gather the pieces of yourself together


 About Me

Hakikah began her professional career as a

I've learned to respect the power of rest.  


My mother was the quintessential Virgo woman, always busy, always planning. Relentlessly productive, almost to a fault.  ​I would watch her constant motion and would get tired just looking at her. She had help--she enlisted my father and five siblings in the care and upkeep of the house.


Yet she was never satisfied. Later in life, I would urge her to slow down. She would just sigh and say, I can't help it.


One Saturday when I was a pre-teen, I watched her cleaning what to me was an already spotless house.  She observed me watching her and stopped, saying the words she would repeat to me again and again for the rest of her life. 


"Don't you be like me. Rest.


She was exhausted but was driven by something within her that would not allow her to stop.

A wife, mother of 6, a Health care administrator, and active in her community.  All these things were admirable. However, I remember that she was hospitalized  for a week due to exhaustion. She slept for 3 days straight. It was a lesson neither of us forgot.  She learned to build support systems into her life--which included all of us helping--but she never lost that drive to 'do this one last thing'.  


I grew up and became just like her--that is until I was hospitalized in 2009 because of a near stroke.  Paralyzed and unable to see on one side of my body, I spent the 8 weeks of home recovery planning how I was going to reset my habits and my life.  I quit my job a year later, determined to live life well.

Ready, Set...

Our body is designed to thrive and heal, only sometimes the Mind gets in the way.


I can help you get to the root cause of your physical and emotional discomfort and give you tools to help you overcome the obstacles that you face.

Feeling disenchanted with the music industry, 

Queen Afua has over 30 years of experience as a spiritual guide and teacher, and retreat creator/facilitator

Founder of The Jewel Ministry, an intergenerational Rites of Passage Program for women and Founder of The S.H.E. Collective, she has devoted her life to f teaching people how to understand and utilize the power of spirituality, self care and living well as a lifestyle.

During her almost 10-year hiatus to care for her mother and grandchildren, Hakikah also embarked upon a spiritual journey, evolving into the woman she is today. determined to become a wellness practitioner, offering Sacred Medicine through _________and various other healing modalities. Blendingher work as a Spiritual Guide and teacher, she shares her offerings as a Certified Integrative nutrition coach {Institute of Integrated Nutrition), Certified Reiki II practitioner [A Life of Wellness], and Sacred Medicine Woman Wellness Coach, (Queen Afua]. 





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