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Redefining Selfish. Reclaiming Self.

self-healing embodiment

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“Healing is holy. It's the return of the memory of wholeness; to the memory of who you are."  Deepak Chopra    


You Are The Remedy


This is a healing space.  I do not heal anyone.  I help you heal yourself.

This is a unique virtual space for you to explore.


Caring for myself has been a transformative experience. It has added joy, harmony, and freedom to my life. The turning point for me came when I realized we are born with what we need to heal ourselves, however, we've forgotten.

  One day I embarked on a journey to excavate my true self.

You are the wisest healer you could ask for; you are your remedy. Although it may not always feel like it, all the answers you seek are within.  

 I will share with you, here and via my offerings, the rituals, practices, and keys to help you remember your way.

 I’m here to support you on the deeply courageous path to self-healing.


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